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Videobeelden dvd nr.22 Wilhelmina (televisieserie)

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Wilhelmina (televisieserie)

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Olga Madsen


Joop van der Ende
Jos van der Linden


Olga Madsen
Ton Vorstenbosch


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2 april 2001




200 min.






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Wilhelmina is een Nederlandse mini-serie uit 2001 van Olga Madsen, gebaseerd op het toneelstuk Wilhelmina: Je maintiendrai van Ton Vorstenbosch en werd ook mede door deze auteur bewerkt voor televisie. De serie toont in snel tempo en met veel verdichting het levensverhaal van de vorstin, waarbij veel aandacht wordt besteed aan haar streven een waardig opvolger te zijn van eerdere telgen uit de Oranje-dynastie.

De serie werd in vier afleveringen van 50 minuten vertoond op televisie, van 2 april tot 23 april in 2001.

Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria (Anne Wil Blankers) was the Dutch queen during the first and the second world war. She had a tough life, being the first queen in Dutch history, not sure of being strong and dignified enough to face her ancestors who were all very dignified leaders and kings. Wilhelmina was a whimsical monarch, she was oversimplified, impatient and self-willed. But she was also combative and concerned. Her dominant character brought her frequently in conflict with the government. And also her personal life wasn't easy. Her husband, duke Hendrik van Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Vic de Wachter) committed adultery. Queen Mother Emma tells her daughter to accept her fate in favour of the monarchy. Wilhelmina doesn't want to reign anymore just before the second world war starts. Her personal secretary and confidant François van 't Sant, who has a intriguing role in all her decisions, can convince her to stay on the thrown. Wilhelmina becomes the Mother of the Nation during the war. She abdicates in 1948 when the nation chooses for the pre war politics in 1946 and not for a new modern polity; tired of the struggle and heavily disappointed.

"Wilhelmina" covers the life of the late Dutch Queen. Her ascension to the Dutch throne, her part in Dutch politics, her personal life and her role in World War II.

The series entire around the everlasting struggle of Wilhelmina to push The Netherlands forward economically and socially. She is constantly frustrated by her role as a constitutional Monarch, but at the same time manages to exercise a notable influence in politics. It also focuses on her unhappy marriage to Prince Henry, a playboy who seriously jeopardizes the Dutch monarchy, the relationship with her beloved daughter Juliana, who is most unhappy being the heir of the throne, and her relationship with her personal secretary, mister van't Sant, who grows to be her most trusted adviser and came the closest to being a friend of the Queen.

When the Dutch invade the Netherlands in may 1940, Wilhelmina evacuates to England. Here she would lead the Dutch government in exile, inspire the Dutch resistance, and grow out to be the "mother of the fatherland". When the war is over, she expects to return to a unified Dutch people, united under the rule of Orange. When the people return to their secluded lives in their own religious or social circles, and the government of the Dutch returns to it's former form, Wilhelmina is worn out. Tired and disappointed, she abdicates her office after a fifty-years rule.

The characters in this miniseries were portrayed by accomplished Dutch stage actors. The acting is considerably better then most other Dutch productions.