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Publicaties acromegalie



New guidelines for the treatment of acromegaly, a serious growth hormone disorder

It’s said a lot can happen in seven days. In seven years, a lot has happened in the understanding of acromegaly, a debilitating condition that causes a patient to have too much growth hormone. It’s seven years since the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists last produced guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acromegaly. Their 2004 guidelines were just 13 pages long. Their latest, the 2011 guidelines, have grown – to 44 pages. [More]


Clinical Endocrinology (2013) 79, 689–699

Control of growth hormone and IGF1 in patients with acromegaly in the UK: responses to medical treatment with somatostatin analogues and dopamine agonists

Trevor A. Howlett, Debbie Willis, Gillian Walker, John A. H. Wass, Peter J. Trainer and the UK Acromegaly

Register Study Group (UKAR-3)*

UK Acromegaly Register, Society for Endocrinology, Bristol, UK



Drugs often fail to bring acromegaly under control in routine clinical practice